Here are books on unique subjects you won't find anywhere else, such as the Kremna Prophecy, the mysteries of the Old Testament, the quantum world, entropy environmental theory, and more!

Notebook of Yoji Mori, Janitor

The notebook left behind by Yoji Mori, who has taken up residence as a "janitor" at the abandoned school, is filled with interesting information and stories that may seem absurd.
Humanity is currently moving toward the "end of the world." How did this happen?
First, enjoy the environmental philosophy based on entropy theory, quantum theory, spirit-flesh dualism, and the interpretation of Genesis and Ezekiel in the Old Testament.
Then, while relearning the horrors of human history, we will get to the bottom of our modern society, which is being manipulated by fake information and information manipulation, and is pushing us toward a terminal situation.
How much is virtual and how much is real?
A new type of 21st century written entertainment has been born!
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New Interpretation of the Kremna Prophecy: Tarabić's view of the World's Last War

Miloš Tarabić, a farmer who lived in the small Serbian farming village of Kremna in the 19th century, and his nephew, Mitar Tarabić. The two Tarabićs left behind a number of prophecies that were incomprehensible to the people of their time.
Their surrogate father (the guardian of Serbian Orthodox Church), the priest Zaharije Zaharić, passed down the contents of their "prophecies" and they became widely known.
When carefully read, some of the prophecies remind us of the new coronae outbreak and vaccine infodemics in 2020 and beyond.
It also focuses on issues facing people today, such as the collapse of the U.S.-led economic world dominated by finance, the shift to a BRICS-centered world backed by substantial national power in terms of resources and population, and the impending threat of the "world's final war," which is currently before our eyes.
The world's final war may have already begun in the form of "cognitive warfare" and "biological warfare."
Let us take the message from the 19th century to modern man.

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God Grows: Beyond Spirit-Flesh Dualism

Beyond the simplistic spirit-mind dualism of body and soul, this ambitious theism develops a thought model in which the consciousness of "I" is generated by the brain (physical body) and "God", who has a personality.
This world (this physical world that I am aware of) has a multiple structure, and the "conscious world" that my consciousness generates is a part of its components.
Consciousness is not created by the brain alone, but by something other than the brain connected to the brain.
Just as the brain is constantly changing, so is "something" (God) associated with the brain.
This is a unique essay that tries to solve the mystery of this world and the consciousness of "I" with a thought model different from the conventional simple spirit-mind dualism.
The latter half of the book also touches on how to face the post-2020 attempts of a "reset world" and a "tyrannical world in which humans are mechanized".

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KOMAINU the unique art of Japan (vol.1 - 4)

Probably the only complete guidebook to the world of komainu, they include numerous pictures in color and can be enjoyed with even a cellphone or tablet.

Nikko Toshogu ZOO
Enjoy Nikko Toshogu Shrine as a "zoo"!

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